Blogging: Powerful marketing tool or total waste of time?

You’re at a business expo. An Enthusiastic-Young-Pup offering a new service hits the stage and delivers a faultless presentation. You like the cut of his jib.

There’s potential there for his business to help your business. He takes a bow to a round of enthusiastic applause and just as you stand to make your way over, he strides out the exit doors and into an awaiting car.

That’s it! He’s just pitched his wares then legged it? No meet and greet. No getting to know you. No mingling. Just ‘here’s what you can buy, here’s how you can buy it, see you at the checkout’.

As a prospect, you’ve just gone from lukewarm to ice-cold in the time it took him to cross the room.

So much potential gone in a flash.

Just a little more warming and you might’ve been ready to talk business or at least hand over your email address.

But Enthusiastic-Young-Pup (EYP) has got work to do and clients to service. He can’t while away his hours chatting with a room full of strangers. Maybe you would’ve become a client, but he’s got clients who need his attention right now.

But wait! What’s this in the goodie bag under your seat?

A book. A free book. A free book written by Enthusiastic-Young-Pup. A free book filled with useful information and witty anecdotes, offering the perfect combination of value and personal insight. You can take the book home, read it at your leisure and get to know EYP better while he’s off looking after his business.

At the end of the book, you like the cut of his jib even more.

You think your businesses will be a good fit, and you’re ready to schedule an appointment to discuss options.

You’ve finished the book, so you pass it onto a friend who might find it useful, who may also warm-up to EYP. Who may also book an appointment, and pass the book onto a friend and so on and so on and so on.

That book is like your blog. The perfectly delivered presentation is your website.

When new visitors are finished reading your website content and are starting to get their heads around what you do and how you can help them, they’re hungry for more information. They’re not ready to pick up the phone or drop you an email yet. They want to silently stalk around your business, absorbing whatever information they can to help them determine whether you are a good fit for them.

Your blog provides a platform for you to demonstrate your credibility as an expert in your field AND bring your brand to life with a clear, distinctive voice. Your blog gives your audience the opportunity to get to know you better, from a safe distance, without directly taking up any of your time.

But better than a book…

…you don’t need to invest hundreds of hours writing and editing before you hit publish. Just an hour a week is all it takes to start building a catalogue of blog content that reflects the expertise and personality of your business.

What about you?

Do you have a blog on your website? And if so, is it helping potential clients get to know and trust you better?

Laura Robinson

Laura Robinson

Copywriting & Content Strategy

With an Award in Direct & Digital Marketing under her belt, Laura uses her knowledge and skills to help small business owners create customer relationships using the words on their website and blog.


  1. Anna

    Love it. I need more of this!

    • CatTownsend

      Thanks for the feedback Anna. Leave your email address in the box above if you’d like to be notified when we add new content. We’ll treat it with respect. Promise!


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