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Cat Townsend

Strategy & Design  |  Founder of FeelGoodAgency & FeelGoodNetwork

Cat started her professional career as a biomedical engineer before being enticed into the shiny world of design. Initially creating pretty logos and websites, it wasn’t long before she drifted into the meatier realm of information design and brand strategy – consulting to organisations like Royal Mail, PwC, Ofcom and The International Red Cross.

During this time she came to realise that her purpose in life was to help individuals, not organisations. So she setup The FeelGoodAgency, to help passionate solopreneurs to understand their brand and how to wield it effectively. Oh, and to make the world a better place. It always comes back to changing the world!

Melanie Craig

New Business & Marketing   |  Also operating as Accompli

Following a multi-disciplinary career in a number of global marketing and digital agencies, Mel decided to move into the freelance world to allow greater flexibility and autonomy in the who/what/when/where of her career.

Based in London, Mel uses her skills and experience to help small businesses and agencies around the world with their business and marketing requirements; from day to day business admin to project management, social media, event planning and more.

Cynthia K. Fioretti

Strategy & Marketing |  Also operating as

Cynthia K. Fioretti is a marketing and communications strategist for socially conscious businesses. She helps entrepreneurs and small business owners effectively communicate their mission to their audiences to take their ideas and turn them into meaningful action.

Born in the US to European parents and raised in Venezuela, she is passionate about intercultural communications. From her work experience in LatAm, Europe, and the US, Cynthia now uses her marketing superpowers to help the greater good.

Laura Robinson

Copywriting & Content Strategy  |  Also operating as Worditude

After earning a First Class degree in Business Management, Laura began her career in a large financial services company, working in various roles including Project Management, Marketing and Communications. Realizing that she could no longer tolerate the suspicious brown liquid dispensed from the ‘coffee’ vending machine, she liberated herself from her office cubicle and embarked on a new life as a freelance copywriter.

With five year’s experience, and an Award in Direct & Digital Marketing under her belt, Laura now uses her knowledge and skills to help small business owners create customer relationships using the words on their website and blog.

Kay Fabella

Copywriting & Content Strategy  |  Also trading from

Kay Fabella is a storyteller and communications strategist. She helps entrepreneurs and professionals around the world find their story to meaningfully communicate and connect with their audiences — and meet their business goals.

A Los Angeles native, she’s built her dream business from Spain to train her clients in the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia to help bring their brands to life. She’s also been featured in international media including The Huffingon Post, El País and EFE Emprende.

Brittney Lopez

Branding & Web Design  |  Also trading as Branded by Britt

Brittney is a branding and web designer based in San Antonio, Texas. A girl who just loves to create, she discovered her passion by working with small business owners from all over the world through her small Etsy shop.

After falling in love with the creative process, she left her 9-5 cubicle job and decided to pursue her passion full-time. She now helps creative entrepreneurs establish their online personal brand by designing logos, branding materials, and websites that reflect who they are and the goals for their business.

Brett Worth

Web Design, Marketing & Tech  |  Also trading as Worth It Media

Brett is our FeelGoodAgency all-rounder. After moving to Bangkok on a whim in 2012 he became involved with a variety of non-profit organisations before being hired as a Design Manager for a lean travel business. As his involvement with the NGO’s grew so did his role within the travel business, in less than a year he was asked to oversee the marketing, design and technical tasks for the entire company. 

Brett has since returned to the UK and uses his varied skill set to provide web design and marketing services to small businesses, non-profits and individuals.

With an awesome attitude and an uncanny ability to work out what is required and get it done, he’s very quickly become an invaluable member of the FeelGoodAgency team.

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